w bush, le pire président mexicain?

le dessinateur mexicain el fisgón publie, à la demande du site tomdispatch.com, un article hilarant intitulé george bush, the worst mexican president ever. en introduction, les travaux de fisgón sont brièvement évoqués, avec des liens vers quel exemples. je vous cite ce paragraphe qui résume bien son ton mordant: "... all evidence suggests that george bush has stolen his ruling style from old-fashioned mexican politicians. mexican political culture has very defined features and the president of the united states has absorbed them all: the classical mexican political boss usually inherits his power from his father. the typical mexican cacique has a love for guns as well as an inclination toward violence and cruelty; he despises legality and intellectual activity, has a personal history of alcoholism and dissipation, lies systematically, and declares himself a faithful servant of god. (did we miss anything?)". l'article est également disponible via common dreams, une source (anglophone) inestimable de nouvelles progressistes.

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