le virus qu'il nous faut

j'espère que vous en avez entendu parler: un représentant républicain de l'alabama veut interdire aux bibliothèques et établissements d'enseignement d'utiliser de l'argent public pour acquérir de la littérature dite "homosexuelle" (écrite par un homosexuel ou bien qui mentionne l'homosexualité, peu importe le sujet ou le type d'ouvrage). un dans un article publié par the guardian, gary taylor raconte sa rencontre avec cet haineux: "gerald allen's book-burying opinions are not a joke. earlier this week, allen got a call from washington. he will be meeting with president bush on monday. i asked him if this was his first invitation to the white house. 'oh no,' he laughs. 'it's my fifth meeting with mr bush.'

bush is interested in allen's opinions because allen is an elected republican representative in the alabama state legislature. he is bush's base. last week, bush's base introduced a bill that would ban the use of state funds to purchase any books or other materials that 'promote homosexuality'. allen does not want taxpayers' money to support 'positive depictions of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle'. that's why tennessee williams and alice walker have got to go.

notre vieil homo libertaire préféré, l'écrivain william burroughs, fait définitivement partie de ceux appelés à disparaître. et ils ont raison de craindre sa prose: elle est l'antidote idéal aux virus de la peur et de la foi que tentent de nous refiler ces vieux républicains hypocrites. dans cet extrait de the place of dead roads, une solution typiquement burroughs est évoquée pour se débarasser des dévots hypocrites:

"consider the menace potential posed to you and your compadres by decent churchgoing folk… you want to take care of these vermin without endangering your fellow johnsons. now, what characterizes these shits? they have to be right. they need the approval of others. both needs are so constant and so compulsive as to assume the proportion of biological needs like the need of an addiet for morphine… a page from the denver post passed through his mind… pet owners panicked by mysterious dog deaths… a new disease it seems. confined to dogs… man made dogs in his own lousiest image… dogs exhibit all the worst characteristics of human animals. they are fawning, filthy, vicious, servile; literally convulsed by their need for approval just like a religious lawman fawning on the lord and fingering his nigger notches. a dog bas to be RIGHT. he is RIGHT to bite someone who bas no right to be in that yard, that house… well if it attacks dogs, chances are good it will attack human dogs, right in their ugly, snarling, ingratiating, cop-loving, priest-loving, boss-loving, god-loving, epicenter, the vile groveling worshipers of the slave gods. when a disease agent moves from one host species to another, with no natural immunity to that strain, the agent can become incomparably more efficient. and this can be accomplished with rather rudimentary tinkering… most attempts at germ warfare, in fact, start with animal diseases like glanders, parrot fever, anthrax. kim paused to reflect that a plant virus, once it got root in human soil, might produce a garden of eden while you wait… a paradise consisting of plants and fertilizer.

we have a virus which we may term the RIGHT VIRUS already occupying the target. we have a disease agent k9 programmed to attack selectively any host occupied by r.v. our agent k9 is further linked with d.o. the death organism. just formulate the thought "I AM RIGHT" and YOU ARE DEAD.

kim made a code note at the bottom of the page… meaning follow up on this when conditions for doing so become available, in this case a laboratory and technicians.

p.s.: we could give it to them at their
deadly church suppers." (william s burroughs, the place of dead roads, 1983, p. 26-27)

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