un grand critique

via un commentaire sur gawker, j'ai découvert un grand critique d'amazon.com!

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Kit for Mopping Aspirants, January 26, 2008

This product is a good to initiate the mopping novice but for the real professional reading this review you're going to want to remove most of your flooring in the kitchen and replace it with a mesh net and sturdy bracings. You will then place a removable tarp underneath the netting to catch everything you spill in the kitchen that sifts through the mesh, from cod batter mix, silica, phosphorus, anything you may be cooking with. It's an unusual method, but you'll find your floorspace much cleaner. And the tarp can be wrapped up without spilling it all over your basement. I like my basement clean because I have a vintage white rotary dial telephone collection there, one of North America's foremost collections.

So this Swiffer, while it does remove some dirt, is by far one of the lesser methods.

et ça se poursuit ainsi sur des dizaines de livres et de produits divers. ses critiques de l'adaptation littéraire du film mortal kombat et de la panure à filet de morue de marque goya sont aussi excellentes! sérieux!

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